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Welcome! This is Gamma & Bailly, a reputable producer of personalised apparel for your clothing line. By providing one-stop purchasing services, it is our goal to realise your vision. And we always ensure that your clothing is of the highest quality. Let's begin right away!

Gamma & Bailly, a custom clothing maker, aims to support the growth of your clothing brand by providing all-inclusive services. You've come to the perfect place if you're looking to launch or expand a clothing line. Every step is extremely simple and secure because of Gamma & Bailly. You can only concentrate on marketing and selling.

high-quality maker of customised garments for your fashion label. Working with clothing brands like Guess, Disney, etc. has helped New York's apparel manufacturers build a solid reputation throughout the years. The truth is that big brands typically have a tried-and-true system. However, several new or tiny clothing companies frequently lack a designer and are unable to compete with Gamma & Bailly. 

I started Gamma & Bailly for that reason. In a nutshell, we want to offer you more services in addition to producing garments with high efficiency. What is the process? Customers can get assistance from our qualified design team with apparel designs. High-quality product photography is something our photography team can provide. You can get help from our sales team with a wide range of materials, printings, embroidery, and accessories.

Additionally, we provide a number of door-to-door shipment options, including drop shipping. We have aided the expansion of more than 4000 fashion firms and 10,000+ styles thus far. They have nearly all experienced increasing success, which has made us happy and proud to be a garment maker. Contact us right away if you have any inquiries about personalised clothing.

We are a New York-based production firm that offers full-package domestic and global services. Made both abroad and in New York, USA. To ensure that all of your manufacturing demands are fulfilled quickly and with unmatched quality, we provide you services in design, product development, fitting, pattern-making, grading, marking, sample, cutting, and sewing.